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TomTom Telematics Review

TomTom tracking systems provide fleet management products and services to help improve business costs. By calculating efficient routes, the technology rapidly presents its fleet data for effortless analysis, saving time and reducing costs. The protected data collected from GPS tracking means greater control and management over mileage, identifying abnormal or ineffective driving patterns, in turn optimising your business.

TomTom tracking review
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What makes TomTom vehicle tracking so simple and reliable is their easy self installation process and detailed trip reports. Their devices can be inserted into the OBD-II port available in the vehicle, and then it’s ready to use. Drivers can also download an app, using WEBFLEET logbook, on their smartphones to transmit additional information on the type of journey, notes or contact details to their already recorded trip, creating greater communication.


Some of the features of the TomTom tracking system include:

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Seeing the precise location of the vehicles in real time means that assignments can be better delegated, depending on the driver’s location. This means drivers can be assigned locations closer to them, regardless of whether or not the vehicles are idle, reducing overall travel time and costs. Not only this, but quicker travel time generates greater overall customer service through improved efficiency.

Detailed Reports

Through reports available with the vehicle tracking systems, driving patterns emerge, meaning inactive vehicles can be easily allocated journeys. TomTom’s online managing system WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager stores tracking data for up to 90 days, including the start and end times, idle periods, distance driven, and more. This information can be accessed online and converted into PDF format if desired, and used to alter journeys as appropriate.

Immediate Alerts

Whenever a vehicle moves to and from an appointed area, WEBFLEET automatically records this information as well as sends out email notifications. Furthermore, it records the speed at which the vehicle is moving in addition to the number of stops. This information can be used to view traffic during different times of day and more, and drivers are able to move from one task to the next, without having to return to the base for the next task.

Deadline Manager

One of the useful features available by TomTom is the Deadline Manager which contains information on driving licences and other important data regarding the vehicles fleet including expiration dates. There are systems set up designed to create reminders based on this information so that deadlines are not missed and fines are reduced overall. Other fines which may be reduced that are not organised by the Deadline Manager would be in the Social Infringement Report, which records any sort of misconduct by the drivers according to their selected countries, which improves performance and safety.

Data Security

The services provided by TomTom’s vehicle tracking in WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager is fully secured with ISO 27001 Certified Scope, which means you can be reassured that your customised data log is safe. TomTom takes further steps to ensure that their systems are fully protected, with:

  • A full-time security team
  • Security emphasized in their human resources
  • Assets that are assigned owners
  • Physical security to protect from unauthorised access
  • Secured communications network

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How do I know which type of vehicle tracking is right for my business?

TomTom breaks down their vehicle tracking services into three categories: Entry-level, Advanced-level, and Expert-level.


Entry-level vehicle tracking is self-installed and provides basic reports on the tracked fleet. Although this type has the fewest features available out of the three - it still provides the necessarily tracking services with immediate alerts and quick real time tracking.

LINK 201

TomTom offers the LINK 201 (vehicle tracking device) for Entry-level tracking, designed for smaller businesses. This device is suited for light or smaller vehicles, and is a rental device that is sold with WEBFLEET LITE. The WEBFLEET Logbook also can do mileage registration.


Advanced-level vehicle tracking is built-in and contains all the functions provided with entry-level, however, with more detailed reports. This type is more appropriate for bigger vehicles that may require additional tracking information, although the LINK 410 can fit into any sized vehicle due to its compact and travel-friendly size. It is sold with WEBFLEET, and the built-in system ensures that the tracking is more reliable.

LINK 410

The LINK 410 also allows for additional functions to be inserted, such as the LINK 105 which can help with the eco-functionality such as carbon footprint reporting. It not only works with the LINK 410 but also the Expert-level LINK 510.


Expert-level vehicle tracking consists of the WEBFLEET, LINK 510, and PRO 7250. Not only is the LINK 510 secure and built-in, containing all the features of the LINK201 and LINK 410, but contains the most extensive and in-depth reports available from TomTom. It is the first-choice vehicle tracking device for trucks and can attach the LINK 105.

PRO 7250

The PRO 7250 connects to WEBFLEET with a TomTom LINK that manages the fuel consumption and calculates the fastest route keeping in mind traffic. The interactive map makes it easy to use, and the PRO 7250 TRUCK is specifically suited for trucks, as it takes into considerations the different roads appropriate for the vehicle.

TomTom telematics review

Why Choose a TomTom Tracking System?

TomTom tracking systems allow any business to easily track its vehicles or assets and access in-depth fleet data. The technology often requires nothing more than the satellite navigation device and an internet connection, making it a cost-effective way to manage a fleet.

When choosing a TomTom tracking device, it is important to look closely at the features offered by each one and align these with your business. It may also be of benefit to see if TomTom offers the opportunity to scale up the tracking system as your business grows.